2 Egyptology Websites Shut Down After Being Attacked by Hackers

The Egyptologist that runs them hasn't been able to come to terms with the attackers

The website of the Egyptological magazine and the KV64 blog – both run by Egyptologist Kate Phizackerley – will be shut down for an undetermined period as a result of the constant attacks launched by a group of hackers. 

“Kate and Andrea are very sad to announce that Egyptological will be unavailable for the forseeable future. It has been targeted by a professional hacking group as part of an onslaught on Egypt-related web sites during the current unrest in Egypt,” Phizackerley wrote back in December.

“Although we have been in negotiations with the hackers, which seemed to be going well, they have now announced their intention of resuming hostilities against us. They apparently see Egyptology sites such as ours as representing a form of political threat.”

A few days ago, she announced that the “News from the Valley of the Kings” (KV64) blog would also be closed.

Update. The initial post said that the hackers were Islamic, but Phizackerley explains that she and her colleague Andrea Byrnes don't know anything about the religious association of the attackers.

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