2 Banks Get Robbed in 15 Minutes by the Same Woman – Photo

Help identify the person responsible for two thefts in Washington D.C.

Police in Washington D.C. need help identifying the woman pictured above, who is wanted for two robberies. She managed to pull off both thefts at two separate banks in the capital city, on the same day.

What's more incredible is that the banks were robbed in 15 minutes’ time. Some outlets, including W USA 9, list the timeframe as 17 minutes.

Early Monday morning, on February 4, she hit the PNC Bank in the 4200 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW. According to witness accounts, the 9:16 a.m. robbery was over in instants.

She then headed for the Bank of America, located on the 3400 block of Connecticut Avenue. She arrived there at 9:33 a.m. and was gone soon after.

All officials know about her is that she is Hispanic, has curly hair and possibly drives a black Jeep vehicle. She has been spotted wearing a Band-Aid on her face during both robberies.

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