2.5 Million Nokia Lumia 920 Units Ordered in First 20 Days, Expectations Exceeded

The company is now readying the Chinese launch of the smartphone

Nokia Lumia 920 is certainly exceeding all expectations after the first 20 days on the market. Although the Finnish company failed to achieve too much of a market share with its Lumia 800 handset, it looks like this year Nokia seriously improved its chances for survival.

There have been tons of articles praising the high demand for Lumia 920, but also quite a few that blame Nokia for the short supply of the smartphone in various regions.

Even Nokia is still mum on the number of Lumia 920 units it has supplied to main carriers and leading retailers, reports in the market claim there have been more than 2.5 million orders for the Finnish company’s flagship smartphone.

Yahoo China reports Nokia is now preparing for the launch of the Lumia 920 in China and it needs to redouble its efforts in order to release a customized version of the smartphone in early December at China Mobile.

The launch of the Lumia 920 in the Mainland will certainly drive the smartphone's sales passed the 3 million units by the end of the year. This will completely exceed any expectations Nokia might have had regarding the demand for Lumia 920.

In order to have a better idea of how well the Lumia 920 is selling these days, we only need look at Nokia’s last year financial results. Well, it looks like the Finnish company sold only 2.9 million Lumia smartphones in Q4 2011.

Given the fact that those 2.9 million include the full range of Lumia devices, this year’s Lumia 920 sales are really tremendous.

Nokia’s main problem is that Lumia 920 is now in short supply and things are not looking well for the next couple of weeks as the company plans to launch the smartphone in China.

According to the latest hearsay, the next batch of Lumia 920 units will arrive at main carriers and retailer starting early December. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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