1Password for Mac Has a 30% Sale for Labor Day – Video

1Password is the gold standard when it comes to protection and you can own it for less

Do you want an app that you can count on when it comes to protecting your passwords and credit cards or personal information? 1Password for Mac is the best out there for a few reasons. The most important one is the fact that you can download this app on Labor Day extended weekend with a 30 percent discount. 
The app has truly evolved over the years. It's not just a password vault, but a living organism that can track your passwords on numerous websites and see if you are safe or not. We are pretty sure nobody wants to have their email account hacked and expose all their personal info on all the other accounts. With 1Password you can create unique passwords that are not even pronounceable. Or you can just set your own long passwords and have the app remember them.
Everything is locked behind one single password and backed up via iCloud or Dropbox. The interface for this app is just as cool. Open it and you will be presented with metal gates and a box for one line of text. Enter your password and admire the gates open, letting you see all your important info. 
1Password is not only a box with all your passwords. You can store secure notes, credit card info, identities, software licenses, bank accounts and passport or ID Card information. If you install this on your iOS device or add extensions on your Mac, the app will automatically fill the username and password in the desired box, every time. The app is an excellent companion on your Mac because the developers have included ways to share or sync your 1Password database. 
Let's say you need to reinstall your computer. As soon as you connect to Dropbox, your 1Password keychain will start uploading its backups to your account so you can start using your passwords.
Another great feature is called "Security Audit." That menu shows you what the oldest passwords are so you can renew them if there's a security breach. Also, if you have duplicate passwords, it is just as easy to work with 1Password to remove the old ones. After that you will know for sure that if one website data is compromised, you will not lose access to all of them.
Make sure to get 1Password for Mac for $34.99 (€26.50) over the weekend, and get the iPhone one to see if you are enjoying the liberty of being safe in front of a hacker. Also, take a look at their video ad and see the best use case for this app.

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