1Password Updated to Add Safari 5 Support

Software Update

Users of Agile Web Solutions’ powerful password manager and form filler for Mac OS X were encouraged to download and install the latest version of the software for Safari 5 compatibility, the developers announced this week. Apple’s major update to Safari, which brings a new Reader function among other new additions, apparently broke compatibility with Agile’s 1Password, but the company managed to issue an update reinstating Safari support, while also fixing a number of recently found issues with the program.

“The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2010, being held in San Francisco this week, kicked off this morning with a keynote by Steve Jobs,” a post over at the Agile blog says. “A lot was covered, including iPad software updates, the iTunes App Store, iPhone 4, and iOS 4. Right now, what we’d like to talk to you about is… Safari 5,” the post reveals.

According to Agile’s blogger, “1Password 3 has been updated for Safari 5 compatibility, so you won’t have to wait to upgrade to Safari 5 or do without 1Password in Safari. In addition, this update […] includes a number of fixes and improvements, as usual, so it’s worth your while to grab the latest version even if you’re not upgrading to Safari 5 just yet.” The post was made in reference to 1Password 3.2, which later cropped up some problems, hence Agile was prompted to issue 1Password 3.2.1, the final version available today.

“1Password 3.2’s requirements haven’t changed, so, if you’ve been running 1Password 3, the update will not give you any trouble,” the company added. Besides adding support for the new Safari 5 on Macs running Leopard or Snow Leopard, Agile also changed Search in 1Password to always default to searching all items. The software has been tweaked so that it no longer saves the upper left portion of a web page for medium thumbnail. Agile explains that, “If no apple touch icon is found, the favicon is used in conjunction with the default web login icon.” Fixes count a round ten and can be reviewed here.

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