1Password Pro Is Now Free - Download Here

Agile Web Solutions celebrates the release of 1Password 3 for Mac OS X

The people at Agile Web Solutions have announced that 1Password Pro for iPhone and iPod touch is now free, as a way to thank all their “wonderful users” out there and to celebrate the release of 1Password 3 for Mac. As fans of the password manager should know, the desktop version is fresh out of its latest beta and comes packed with tons of enhancements, as well as a few new features.

According to its iTunes App Store description, 1Password will securely store your important information and can log you into your favorite web sites in a matter of seconds. “There's no need to remember the username, password, or even the website address. With the ability to save and sync text notes, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information, everyone from Macworld to Apple itself loves 1Password,” Agile Web Solutions proudly states.

A lengthy features list is available from the developer. Key strong points noted in the app’s description include a special easy switching mode (which allows you to quickly copy-and-paste usernames and passwords to Mobile Safari), support for copying multiple field values (for example, both username and password) from 1Password to Mobile Safari, folders for better organization (desktop client required), as well as all the features in the free 1Password Touch, including the ability to save important information like credit cards and membership numbers.

Agile also informs fans of its password manager and form filler that a few new features are on their way soon, including Favorites, MobileMe/WebDAV syncing, and more. Use the download link below to grab 1Password Pro for free, now! The desktop client can be acquired by using the second link down. 1Password 3 requires the Agile Keychain data format, as well as a data upgrade to the new format.

Download 1Password Pro (Free for a limited time)

Download 1Password for Mac (Update / Trial / Buy)

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