1985 Commercial for Windows 1.0

This is where the Wow started

Back in 1985, Microsoft had still a long way to go till the Windows Vista Wow. In fact, the company has announced the shipping of Windows 1.0 on November 20, 1985. But to really grasp the context of the Windows 1.0 launch you have to watch the video embedded at the bottom. It features the current CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer telemarketing Windows 1.0.

Now, Steve Ballmer is known for his temperament outbursts. Over the top enthusiasm has always been a characteristic, a trademark if you will, of Steve Ballmer. But the Microsoft CEO has not grown into it. It seems that Ballmer has always been this way. "How much do you think this advanced operating environment is worth?! Wait just a second before you answer!"

Just in case you have ever wondered where did Apple come up with the PC guy in their commercials, I think this ad provides the answer. Steve Ballmer is nothing short of the PC guy archetype in Apple's perspective. I am only surprised that I have not seen anything out there mocking this commercial.

But whatever your opinion might be, you have to agree that Ballmer delivers quite a performance. And in the end, Microsoft's CEO is a performer in the true sense of the word. If he overdoes it, it's just to sell viewers on Windows 1.0.

And just watch him applaud the features of Windows 1.0 like the ability to paste a photo, and the built in Windows Paint application and the Notepad! I realize that all the features and capabilities of Windows 1.0 are laughable by today's standards, but you have to keep in mind that this was 1985. Enjoy!

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