1978 Blizzard Makes a Comeback, This Time It's Called Nemo

The US National Weather Service warns about record-breaking snowstorm

Only yesterday, the news broke that the Northeast US was to be hit by a massive snowstorm. Recent news on this topic says that, according to the country's National Weather Service, this so-called Nemo snowstorm is to give the 1978 blizzard a run for its money.

For those unaware, the 1978 blizzard was responsible for killing as many as 100 people, and buried New England under a whopping 8-10 feet (2.4–3 meters) of snow.

Sources quote Tommy Letis, who at that time was operating a snowplow in Connecticut and who made a case of how, “[New Haven, Connecticut] was totally closed down. No one could do anything but walk out of there.”

Interestingly enough, the 1978 blizzard hit the US on February 6 and 7, meaning that this new snowstorm, nicknamed Nemo, has stricken precisely on its 35th anniversary.

At the time of the 1978 blizzard, the US witnessed hurricane force winds, massive snowfall and a large storm surge.

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