19 Wounded in Mother’s Day Shooting in New Orleans [AP]

Gunmen open fire during Mother’s Day parade, FBI says it wasn’t terrorism

Nineteen people were shot as gunmen opened fire during a Mother’s Day parade in New Orleans over the weekend, the AP reports. No deaths have been reported.

Most of the injuries are not life-threatening because, according to the FBI, chances are the shooting is linked to “street violence” and not to terrorism.

In other words, the gunmen were shooting at each other, and not at the victims in the parade.

The victims include 10 men, 7 women and 2 kids, a boy and a girl. Three of them have received more serious wounds but their life is not in danger.

Authorities are now reaching out to the community for help in tracking the gunmen down and having them brought to justice.

“These kinds of incidents will not go unanswered. Somebody knows something. The way to stop this violence is for you all to help,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu said outside the hospital where the victims were taken.

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