1865 Baseball Card Sells for $92K (€68K), Man Buys It for Sick Son

The Brooklyn Atlantics card is the only one of its kind

An extremely rare Brooklyn Atlantics baseball card from 1865 has been sold at auction for a whopping $80,000, $92,000 (€59,000 - €68,000) including the auction house's premium.

Wikipedia indicates that the Atlantic Base Ball Club based in Brooklyn co-founded the National Association of Base Ball Players in 1857.

Jason LeBlanc of Newburyport, Massachusetts has bought the card as an investment for his sick son, reports.

According to NPR, Leblanc's son Alex suffers from an unnamed condition that requires hospitalization and racks up large medical bills.

A man named Floyd Hartford found the card last year, in a photo album purchased at a yard sale. The Saco River Auction Co. put it up for sale, mentioning that it is one of a kind. A similar card, attached to this article, is stored in the Library of Congress.

"The images on the two cards could be viewed together through a stereoscopic viewer, which created the illusion of three-dimensional depth from two-dimensional images," explains Saco River manager Troy Thibodeau.

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