17-Year-Old Drunk Girl Caught on Tape, Facebook Scam

Victims of the scheme are tricked into signing up for premium SMS services

Videos of attractive girls while doing various things seems to be this month’s theme for Facebook scams. Experts have come across another one that attempts to trick users into completing surveys and signing up for premium SMS services.

“[STUNNING!!] She is 17-years-old, she did it publicly in high school while drunk, really stunning! Caught on tape- hOW she did it, AMAZING!!” reads the scammy post.

We don’t know what the poor girl did in public at her high school while being drunk, but we will probably never find out since the so-called video is just a way to lure unsuspecting users to a fake video page.

Here, victims are asked to complete a survey in order to verify their age. In the next phase, users are requested to provide their phone numbers, the information being utilized to sign them up for paid SMS services.

So, the next time you stumble upon such a post, be sure not to click on the links it contains. If you’re reading this because you already completed the survey and provided your phone number, be sure to call your mobile operators and have them block the service.

Also, take a look at your Facebook Timeline and remove all the posts that have been published on your behalf.

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