17-Inch Dell Alienware Gaming Laptop Gets Radeon HD 6970

While the market is focused on NVIDIA and its soon to be released GTX 580, Dell decided to do something different, apparently planning on launching a new high-end laptop with AMD graphics.

Like all of its rivals on the global personal computer market, Dell is constantly updating its desktop and laptop collections.

Its high-end series of mobile PCs, or one of them, is already well known throughout various regions, its name being the Alienware line.

This series strives to combine both high-end performance and a high aesthetic value, something the latest model seems to have succeeded.

As Notebook Italia has it, Dell will soon send out the M17x R3, a 17-inch notebook which may or may not have a 3D screen, based on what customers choose.

Regardless of whether or not the consumers opt to pay extra for 3D support, they will definitely benefit from the highest level of graphics.

While the full set of specifications has not exactly been disclosed, the report did reveal that there would be new graphics cards available.

Not only will users be able to select the AMD Radeon HD 6870, but even the HD 6970, using the MxM form factor, will be available.

This is quite interesting, considering that Advanced Micro Devices has yet to even announce a HD 6000 line aimed at mobile applications, having only presented the desktop-aimed HD 6850 and HD 6870.

Regardless, the Alienware M17x R3 will be powered by a 9-cell 93Whr battery and all the hardware will be packed inside a chassis using a red color scheme.

The laptop is expected to make its appearance within the next few weeks, by which time the price should also be revealed.

If the rumor proves true, this means that AMD will release a new mobile graphics lineup in time for the holiday season.

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