17,000 Gallons of Crude Oil Spill in Rural Area, Livestock Ponds in Texas

The oil spilled from a pipeline owned by Koch Pipeline Company

This past Tuesday, some 17,000 gallons (400 barrels) of crude oil spilled into a rural area and two livestock ponds close to the city of Smithville, in Texas.

Information shared with the public says that the oil originated from a pipeline owned by Koch Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc.

According to Think Progress, it was during a routine aerial inspection that company employees figured out that something was off and informed authorities.

For the time being, neither Koch Pipeline Company nor the Railroad Commission of Texas has made any statements concerning how much damage was caused to the environment by this spill or how long it will take to clean up the mess.

What's more, it is still unclear whether the faulty pipeline has been fixed, or if maybe more crude oil will spill in this part of the country in the days to come.

Hopefully, more information will soon become available.

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