$169 HP Slate 7 Tablet Delayed Until June

It was supposed to launch in April but it looks like that's no longer the plan

Back during the Mobile World Congress, HP revealed that it was working on a 7-inch tablet called HP Slate 7. Said tablet was set for release in April 2013.

This was good news, as many people loved the idea of a tablet with a price of just $169 / 128-169 Euro.

Sadly, plans have changed. HP has just revealed that the device would not be coming out as planned.

While the company still has every intention of releasing it, it will no longer send it out this April.

Instead, the ETA (estimated time of arrival) has been moved to June.

We do not know how the item will measure up to the Google Nexus 7. Actually, Google will have the second-generation Nexus 7 out by mid-year, so HP will have to make sure its device is up to scratch. The price is a good asset, but it might not be enough.

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