1600W – the Shocking Wattage of Rosewill's Huge Hercules Power Supply

This is the company's strongest PSU by a landslide

The names of gods and heroes have been used liberally by IT companies, and Rosewill is following the trend by naming its strongest ever PSU after the greatest hero of the Greek myths.

In case people aren't quite sure, that's Hercules, the son of Zeus and a mortal woman called Alcmene. But we digress.

Hercules is the best 80 Plus certified PSU in Rosewill's product lineup, which has several other members called Tachyon, FORTRESS, CAPSTONE, HIVE and SilentNight.

The company didn't manage to drive its efficiency high enough to earn the 80Plus Gold rating. Of course, at 1600 W, it would have been more trouble than it was worth to try.

Also, the price of the PSU is already high enough at $400 / 308-400 Euro, even without covering that extra mile.

At any rate, 89% is considerable, and the benefit of lower heat generation is what ultimately allowed for the use of a silent 135 mm fan.

Of course, if people so wish, they can press the integrated Turbo button to push the fan to maximum speed, even if it means some noise. A circumaural audio headset should block it out easily enough.

Rosewill designed the Hercules with no less than sixteen 6+2 PCI Express power connectors. If even people buy several graphics cards with two inputs each, and a large enough motherboard for them, Hercules will be ready.

Verily, the device should be able to run two computers at the same time. We have no doubt there are at least a few people out there with ideas for projects that can use that idea.

Moving on, the PSU offers 8-pin EPS, 4+4 pin EPS and 24-pin ATX interfaces, plus sleeved modular cables (up to 16 SATA power connectors can be installed at a time).

Rosewill ships the Hercules with a large set of cables. Virtually every possible hardware combination is taken into account.


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