16 Whales Are Euthanized After Being Found Stranded on a Beach

Anything else would have been “inhumane,” conservationists argue

Only yesterday, 28 pilot whales ended up stranded on a beach in Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Given the fact that the tide was unusually high and the animals had absolutely no chance of returning to the water, conservationists decided that it would be best to euthanize them.

More so, given the fact that 12 whales died of natural causes soon after they beached, and it would have taken at least two days before the tide shifted in order to make it possible for the remaining marine mammals to be safely returned to the water.

“It's really sad and not a situation we take lightly but anything else is inhumane and would prolong their suffering,” marine researcher Hans Stoffregen told members of the press.

Some say that, during the following days, it is quite likely that even more pilot whales will show up stranded on the beaches in New Zealand.

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