16-Month-Old Boy Swallows a Record-Breaking 42 Fridge Magnets

The Russian toddler has undergone surgery and is now recovering

One toddler's mother has received a frightening surprise as an abdominal scan performed on her 16-month-old has revealed 42 fridge magnets.

The little boy apparently swallowed the magnets in a matter of minutes, during the time she left him unsupervised. When she noticed they were gone, she took him to the emergency room, fearing the worst.

“The child had been in the room alone with the magnets and now they were gone. She thought he must have swallowed them,” a spokesman for Chelyabinsk Oblast Children's Hospital explains.

The clinic's chief paediatric surgeon, doctor Nikolay Rostovtsev was able to remove the objects from the child's digestive system, and the patient is now recovering.

“Over the years, I had to take a variety of foreign bodies including magnets from young patients.

“Once I removed about 20 of them, but this incident of our little patient has broken all records,” he describes, according to the Daily Mail.

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