16 Million, That's How Many LCD TVs Sony Hopes to Sell This Year

The number is 19% higher than the sales accomplished in 2012

Sony has been losing money in many departments, but it is doing better now, or so it would seem. If nothing else, it has high hopes for the TV segment.

Assuming the later report from the rumor mill is valid, the company hopes to sell 16 million LCD TVs this fiscal year (2013).

The Bravia Series will be pushed forward, even some Ultra HD TV models will be sold, with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels).

In fact, Sony has readjusted its entire plan, no longer focusing on shipment quotas but on producing high-end niche products with high profit margins.

Hence the projected shipment figure, or rather desired figure, which happens to be 19% higher than the 13.5 million scored in 2012.

Sony hopes to score profits of JPY50 billion (US$492.15 million / 379 million EUR) in fiscal year 2013, 16% more than in FY 2012.

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