15-Foot-Long Python Strangles Security Guard to Death

The horrible attack happened under the eyes of shocked residents of a Bali resort

A security guard from a hotel in Bali, Indonesia was crushed to death by a giant 15-foot-long (4.6 meters) python while terrified witnessed watched in horror. The shocking scene took place right in front of a luxurious resort in one of Indonesia's most popular tourist attractions.

According to the witnesses, the incident occurred around 3 in the morning when the giant snake was crossing the road close to Hyatt hotel. The victim was a 59-year-old security guard called Ambar Arianto Mulyo looking after a nearby restaurant.

Ambar offered to try and catch the reptile, after being spotted several times around the restaurant area, frightening customers and causing panic. The man managed to secure the snake's head and tail and put it on his shoulders, but the animal wrapped itself around his body and strangled him to death.

“It happened so fast, we were sad because we couldn't do anything to help him,” Agung Bawa, the hotel's assistant security manager, says, according to Metro News.

Shocked onlookers were unable to intervene when the attack happened, and the only thing they could do was to call the police. Officers failed in the attempt to save the man and also didn't manage to apprehend the giant reptile, which ran into some nearby bushes.

The 15-foot-long snake is still on the loose, meaning that tourists and locals are warned to be on guard for any other possible attacks. Even if the victim succeeded in apprehending the reptile, the python proved to be too strong and managed to crush the man alive.

Florida is facing its own python problem as several cases were reported in the last months concerning huge pythons spottings and even an attack on a husky dog. The particular type of python is believed to be of Burmese origins and settling just fine in the Everglades. After two boys aged 4 and 6 were killed in their sleep by a giant python, citizens are urging officials to take measures in order to rid themselves of the dangerous reptiles.

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