$15 / 11.4 Euro Is All You Have to Pay for 4GB DDR3 This Winter

The module price has decreased by 3.17% compared to early November

Over the past couple of years, random access memory prices have been falling almost constantly, sometimes sliding and sometimes outright plummeting.

At this point, the rate of decrease is fairly mild only because there isn't much more room for prices to fall.

Not long ago, DRAMeXchange found that 4 GB DDR4 modules sold for $15.25, or 11.50 Euro, give or take.

That implies a drop of 3.17% compared to the first half of last month (November 2012).

Production capacity cuts and fierce competition are the only reasons the ASPs (average selling prices) did not go down by any more than this.

Some manufacturers offered special deals, implying lower prices for larger shipment volumes. However, since the deals extended for two or three months, PC makers are leery of accepting them, oversupply or no.

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