145 Million Tablets Will Ship in 2013, ABI Research Believes

PCs will lose some customers as slates get bought more and more

As many people have, no doubt, been able to guess by now, 2013 will bring a further rise in the level of tablet shipments.

ABI Research even has a figure: 145 million. The research firm thinks that new market entrants and more affordable designs will lead to it.

Businesses will become more welcoming towards the device form factor as well. In fact, ABI Research thinks 19% of the 145 million shipped in 2013 will go to business users.

People that have worked without much technological aide are most likely to enjoy tablets if introduced to them.

Still, companies will have to decide on their own if they really feel their workers will benefit more from a tablet than a full-blown PC.

All things considered, it isn't odd anymore to hear that AMD will place a great emphasis on SoCs (system-on-chip platforms).

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