144 Individuals Win Damages in News of the World Phone Hacking Case

Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is among those who have settled

A total of 144 people have won substantial damages after settling the News of the World phone hacking case. 17 of them have also received a public apology.

According to The Guardian, Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is among those who has asked for an apology.

Other public figures who have been compensated are James Blunt, Hugh Grant, Labour MP Geoffrey Robinson, BBC film-maker Chris Terrill, singer Kerry Katona, and former Doctor Who actor Christopher Eccleston.

In most cases, the amount of the damages hasn’t been revealed. However, it’s known that Colin Stagg – who has wrongly been accused of the murder of Rachel Nickell – has received £15,500 ($24,400 or 18,000 EUR).

Of the 26 remaining cases, only around 7 appear to be determined to go to trial. However, more cases are expected to appear in the upcoming period.

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