$140 PiceBOT Botnet Targets Latin American Bank Customers

The malware that powers it is similar to the one distributed by vOlk and S.A.P.Z

Security researchers from Kaspersky have uncovered a new botnet that’s currently targeting the bank accounts of Internet users from Latin America. It’s called PiceBOT and it only costs around $140 (105 EUR) on the black market.

The botnet has been on the market for less than a month, but it has already been adopted by cybercriminals to target the customers of banks from Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, Uruguay and Argentina.

The origins of the botnet are uncertain. However, the main “suspects” are Peru, Mexico and Guatemala.

Identified as Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Injector, the malware is similar to the one distributed by other Latin American botnets such as vOlk (Mexico) and S.A.P.Z (Peru).

What’s interesting about this botnet is that the botmasters only need a password to connect to the administration panel.

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