1337Day Mirrors Defaced, Server Not Hacked (Updated)

The Injector and Sec4ever appear to be making false claims

1337Day.net and 1337Day.org have been defaced by a couple of hackers calling themselves The Injector and Sec4ever.

The hackers claim to have gained access to the server and they urge the site’s administrators to contact them via email if they want it back. However, 1337Day representatives argue that these are merely false claims and that their servers haven’t been affected in any way.

“It was an easy DNS attack. Many people want to hack 1337Day project and become famous, but so far no successful attacks. This is just a PR script kiddies, Sec4ever,” 1337Day representatives explained.

In addition, they say that the defaced domains are just mirrors of the website. They blame their domain registrar for the incident and say they're in the process of moving to another company.

"We have many mirrors for 1337day.com because our domains usually face ban. Mirrors are not 1337day.com. inj3ct0r.com and 1337db.com got suspended by domain registers and 1337day.com is banned in many institutes. So we have many mirrors so those users can access us," they explained.

Update (2013.02.12). The article has been updated to clarify that 1337Day servers have not been breached.

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