$125 / €91.53 HDMI Dongle from Dell Turns Any Screen Into a PC

The wonders of cloud computing shine brightly through the Wyse Cloud Connect

Cloud computing had a lot of people skeptical at first, but its proponents never really gave up on it, which is why it's now possible to turn any monitor or TV into a full-fledged PC.

Well, you'll need an active Wi-Fi Internet connection for it to actually work, but that's not really something likely to be missing from the homes of anyone that would even consider buying something like this.

Granted, Dell is aiming the Wyse Cloud Connect (this is the name of the new product) at the business sector, but there's no rule that says consumers can't get it too.

Wyse Cloud Connect is, in all essence, an HDMI dongle that plugs into a monitor or TV and turns it into an Android computer.

Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi technology establishes a link to the web, through which you can remotely access your Windows or OS X PC (Mac as it were) via a cloud-based virtualization environment. VMware, Microsoft and Citrix come to mind.

What's more, the newcomer has Bluetooth support, allowing you to use keyboards and mice with it.

“Small, smart and secure, Cloud Connect is a disruptive device,” said Steve Lalla, vice president and general manager for Dell cloud client computing.

“We unlock new options for our customers to access their data and applications by combining mobility, manageability and security with a powerful user experience at an affordable price-point.”

Everything from web browsing to running apps from the Google Play store and playing video should be possible through the Wyse Cloud Connect, even video calls.

Finally, the MHL interface, or the integrated USB port, provides the newcomer with the necessary power.

Dell is already accepting orders for the price of $129, which means €91.53 according to exchange rates. Sadly, given how these things tend to go, it's more likely that the European price will be of €129 instead.

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