12-Year-Old Giraffe Dies, the Cause Remains a Mystery

This was the third giraffe to die at the Greater Vancouver Zoo during the past 12 months

This past Sunday, the Greater Vancouver Zoo in British Columbia lost yet another giraffe, which was found dead in its enclosure by several members of the staff who were busy doing their morning rounds.

Apparently, this 12-year-old animal was in very good health, which is why both the people in charge of looking after it and the zoo's manager are unable to say what caused its death.

As well as this, its enclosure was heated, so nobody can argue that the animal suffered and died because of cold.

Interestingly enough, two other giraffes died here back in November 2011. One of them was just three years old, whereas the other was 23 years old, Huffington Post reports.

It is to be expected that an autopsy will be performed and that more information concerning the death of this giraffe will soon be made available to the general public.

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