$12 (€9.3) Million Casino Dispute: Owners Say Phil Ivey Can Spot Marks on Cards

Ivey is suing Mayfair club Crockfords in London for failing to pay out what he has won

Owners at Mayfair club Crockfords in London are refusing to pay professional poker player Phil Ivey £7.8M ($12 M / €9.3M) he won at Punto Banco.

Ivey has been nicknamed the “the Tiger Woods of poker,” having won several tournaments at poker and craps, and he has taken them to the High Court for defaulting on the payment, due last year.

Casino officials claim that Ivey has cheated, even while playing with several cameras pointed at him. As you can notice in the reenactment drawing, published by Daily Mail, they are saying that he tried to remember specific marks in cards.

An unidentified Chinese woman joined Ivey at his table, asking the dealer to turn the cards so that she could see them better.

Analysts have suggested that turning the cards can make the discrepancies in the checkered pattern on the back of the cards more obvious. The differences in the cards are created by cutting the edges at different points in the pattern.

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