1150MHz Factory Overclocked PowerColor PCS+ HD7770 Now Official

PowerColor built one of the highest clocked HD 7770 graphics cards around

A little more than a month after AMD introduced the Radeon HD 7770, PowerColor announced a new custom video card based on this design, which utilizes the company’s high-performance PCS+ cooling system and comes factory overclocked to an impressive 1150MHz.

The graphics card in question is called the PCS+ HD7770 GHz Edition and comes as one of the highest clocked HD 7770 solutions we have seen to date.

In order to do so, on top of the Cape Verde XT GPU PowerColor installed a large aluminum heatsink topped by a high-airflow fan, especially designed to dissipate the heat generated by the card without increasing the noise generated while running.

In addition, the company included a custom-made plastic shroud which ensures that some of the resulting airflow is pushed towards the card's PCB where it should reach its VRMs and memory chips.

Speaking of memory, PowerColor decided to pair the PCS+ HD7770 GHz Edition with 1GB of DDR5 video buffer, which operates at 1,250MHz (5,000MHz data rate), while the GPU is run at 1150MHz.

This is 150MHz higher than AMD's reference clock.

Going to the back of PowerColor’s latest creation, we get to see that the Taiwanese company has decided to go with its standard video output arrangement for midrange GPUS, which includes a DVI, an HDMI port and two mini-DP connectors.

The PCS+ HD7770 GHz Edition should be available right as we speak, but so far the PowerColor hasn’t released any info detailing the price of this graphics card.

The Radeon HD 7770 is AMD's latest mainstream card and is based on the Cape Verde XT core, which includes 640 streaming units, 40 texturing units, 16 ROP units and a 128-bit memory bus.

The load TDP is estimated at 80W, so it can be powered using a single PCI Express 6-pin connector.


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