110 Ultrabooks in the Pipeline

Thirty have touch support and ten have a convertible case design

Since Computex 2012 is barely a week away, the companies that will participate are already offering product previews, so, naturally, Intel has gone on record in regards to ultrabooks.

Computex Taipei will take place between June 06 and June 09, meaning that it will be less than a week before a new wave of ultrabooks appears.

The company said that there were 110 models in the pipeline, but from what we can gather, not all will appear during the upcoming trade show.

Thus, we aren't quite sure how many will be launched during the event, but Intel said they would be many.

What's more, out of those 110, thirty will possess touchscreens and 10 will have convertible designs, meaning that, whether by grace of a rotatable screen or 360-degree hinges, they will be able to switch from laptop to tablet form factor.

“We can’t wait for everyone to see the next wave of systems based on the 3rd generation Intel Core processors (previously code named “Ivy Bridge”), many of which will be unveiled at Computex next week. These devices will raise the bar for what people expect from their computing experiences,” Becky Emmett said on Intel's Blog.

The ultrabooks will primarily use the new Ivy Bridge mobile CPUs that Intel released yesterday, specifically the 17W processors.

They will also boast a hardware-based anti-theft technology that makes it possible to lock down a system in case it is stolen, thus preventing access to the information stored on the HDD.

Another asset of the mobile PCs is that the battery life will not go below 5 hours and should easily reach beyond 8.

Furthermore, the Intel Identity Protection technology will make online banking, shopping and gaming more secure than before, through chip-level authentication.

That said, in addition to these sub-14-inch computers, PC makers will demo various mainstream notebooks and desktops. All those other new Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs have to be used for something after all.


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