110-Inch 4K TV, an Ambitious Westinghouse Project Bound for CES 2013

Those who thought 84-inch displays were gigantic might want to check it out

We already expect many great things from next year's Consumer Electronics Show, but today we've received the first big hint that our expectations may be blown out of the water.

There will be a positively immense TV on display at the trade show, one that easily outclasses even the best 84-inch models from LG and Sony, and whoever else has such things on sale or on the way.

The native resolution may be the same (4K, or 3840 x 2160 pixels), but the size definitely is not.

The LED-backlit TV will measure 110 inches in diagonal, which makes it large enough that it won't fit through most doors.

Normally, in order to display images in such sizes, people resort of video projectors, or multi-display wall installations.

If nothing else, there are plenty of graphics cards and special display accelerators that achieve that effect.

Nevertheless, a projected image just can't substitute for a bright, high-contrast, super-resolution TV, especially during the day.

For that reason, Westinghouse may actually score points with its incredibly large creation, even though its CES 2013 participation will be more a proof of concept than anything else.

The 4K LED TV probably won't be up for sale from the start. Also, when shipments do begin, the number of customers will be lower than the number of people with enough money to spare.

After all, the houses of prospective buyers need sufficiently wide and free walls, and there may be complications if the door isn't large enough too.

But we digress. The point is that Westinghouse will reveal the world's largest LED TV ever, with a diagonal of 110 inches and 4K resolution. For people with tamer tastes, some other “surprises” will be showcased alongside the wonder, according to Engadget.

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