11 Sheep and 4 Men Found Crammed Inside a Car

The men are now facing theft and animal cruelty charges

It often happens that whatever reports concerning animal cruelty end up getting significant amounts of media attention have something to do with either cats or dogs.

However, news from England says that four men are now facing theft and animal cruelty charges following their being found crammed inside a relatively small car (a hatchback, to be more precise) together with 11 sheep.

TVNZ reports that these men used ropes to tie the animals' legs, and that the sheep did not even belong to them. Thus, they had been stolen from people living in the area surrounding Hastings.

Because of their stealing these sheep from their rightful owners and treating them in this ill manner, the men are to make an appearance in the Hastings District Court at some point during this week.

Hopefully, this incident will teach them a thing or two about the proper way to treat animals.

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