11 “Guardian” Twitter Accounts Hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The hackers once again used phishing emails to gain access to the information they needed

The hacker group that supports the Syrian regime, the Syrian Electronic Army, has breached a total of 11 Twitter accounts of the Guardian newspaper.

The list of targeted accounts includes Guardian Books, Guardian Travel, Guardian Film, Guardian Pictures, and the ones of a few of the paper’s editors.

Currently, some of the accounts have been recovered, but most of them have been suspended.

Last week, when the hacktivists hijacked the accounts of the Associated Press, we learned that they used phishing emails to gain access to the information they needed.

It appears that they used the same technique on this occasion as well.

“Hm. Phishing attack specifically targeted at Guardian journalists in my inbox right now. SEA at work again?” Guardian Data Editor James Ball wrote on Sunday.

On Monday, he revealed another interesting aspect.

“The guys doing the Guardian phishing attack I mentioned yesterday (it's SEA) are really very good: sustained, changing, mails today,” he wrote on Twitter.

In the meantime, Twitter keeps suspending the Syrian Electronic Army’s accounts. Currently, the official account is @Official_SEA12, but it’s uncertain for how long.

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