11 Elephants Killed in Kenya's Worst Animals Mass Shooting

The elephants all belonged to the same family, died in a matter of minutes

Wildlife rangers and police officials in Kenya are now on the hunt for a team of ten poachers who shot and killed an entire family of elephants.

The incident occurred this past Saturday in Kenya's Tsavo East National Park, and almost everybody refers to it as the biggest mass shooting of animals this country has ever seen, Daily Mail states.

As was to be expected, the poachers killed these 11 elephants for the sole purpose of collecting their tusks and selling them on the black market.

Information made available to the public says that, “The entire family of 11 elephants have been confirmed poached and tusks chopped off.” Furthermore, “All the carcasses had bullet wounds.”

The rangers and the officers who are now in pursuit of these poachers hope that the dogs and the aerial units they brought with them will help them locate and catch the elephant killers as soon as possible.

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