10nm Chips in 2015, Globalfoundries Reiterates

The process will follow after 14nm, which will reach its prime in 2014

More advanced manufacturing processes always mean higher performance in case of CPUs/ICs, and higher capacity for storage chips. Also, they bring improved energy efficiency to both.

Globalfoundries, whose status as an international foundry has been rising, has promised that it will have 10nm chips out by 2015.

Considering that 2014 will have 14nm as the star technology, and that 2013 will be the year of 20nm, that is very swift progress.

Most of it is owed to the members of the Common Platform Alliance (the so-called AMD fab club) and their wish to accelerate development.

Globalfoundries is even thinking of a 10nm-XM hybrid process in addition to the normal 10nm-XM one. It would combine 10nm FinFET with 14nm BEOL (back-end-of-line), just like the hybrid 12nm-XM will merge 14nm FinFET transistors with 20nm BEOL.

Basically, AMD's chip roadmap is covered for the next few years.

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