103 Days Have Passed and Microsoft Is Yet to Fix the Surface Wi-Fi Bug

Some Surface RT users are still unable to browse the web

The Surface RT was released 103 days ago and the company is now getting ready to introduce the Surface Pro, but Microsoft is yet to fix a bug that’s affecting the first tablet in its history.

The Wi-Fi bug that’s preventing Surface RT owners from accessing the web has already been confirmed by plenty of users and, aside from a few “we’re investigating the issue” statements released by the Redmond-based technology giant, no workaround is available.

So yes, some users are still unable to browse the web even if approximately 14 weeks have passed since Microsoft introduced the Surface RT.

Of course, owners of these buggy tablets continue to complain on the official support forums, calling for Microsoft to repair the issue as soon as possible.

“I don't even know if Microsoft even realizes this or if even the Support Engineers here even bother to escalate this problem to upper management,” one of the users said on the forums. “It has now been well over 3 months and you still have no fix for this issue! You are not a technology company,” another one added.

While there’s no official fix for the problem, a few more experienced users suggested multiple workarounds; some involved registry editing and a bit more complex network configuration tweaks.

Microsoft is expected to try to patch the bug with a Patch Tuesday firmware update but, up until now, the company is yet to provide any detail about the date when the fix may see daylight.

We’ve contacted Microsoft several times asking for a comment and a workaround on this problem, but the company only replied with the same “we’re investigating” statement every time.

In the meantime, users have no other option than to wait for a fix or try alternative workarounds provided by other affected Surface RT owners on the support forums.

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