100 mobile GB

Iomega's Portable Hard Drive

The request for big capacity mobile solutions is recording increasing levels and a world wide research has shown that the quantity of data tripled.

On the other hand, the introduction of high capacity hard disks into the last notebook models requires high capacity backup solution.

That is why Iomega introduced a new model from the Portable Hard Drive series with a capacity of 100 GB. The mobile hard disk is connectable to any Windows or Mac laptop which has USB 2.0. interface. As Iomega's Portable Hard Drive power supply is achieved through the same port, users don't have to transport a separate power supply.

The physical dimensions are closer to the ones of a PDA and Iomega's Portable Hard Drive weighs less than 163 grams.

The hard disk is delivered together with Iomega's backup program: Iomega Automatic Backup Pro, which can copy the data and operating system to another computer.

Iomega's Portable Hard Drive incorporates a 2.5 inch hard disk.

Iomega didn't specify any price for the new model, but considering that the model with 80 GB had a price of 250 dollars plus taxes, the price for the new one can reach 300 dollars plus taxes.

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