100-Vehicle Crash: Mystery Truck Driver Saves Lives, Blocks Bridge Off

The man stationed his vehicle on the entrance to the bridge

An unsung hero has emerged from the crash that paralyzed traffic on the Sheppey Crossing bridge in Kent, UK yesterday.

Witnesses have described that the day was saved by a truck driver who blocked off the entrance to the bridge after noticing the pile-up.

"He was going the other way and ... he's gone down to the end of the carriageway, gone across the roundabout and actually blocked off the road so no more cars could actually enter the dual carriageway before the emergency services got there," driver Chris Buckingham describes for Sky News.

He credits the mystery lorry driver for possibly saving lives.

As I noted earlier, more than 100 cars collided due to thick fog in the area. The police have cited bad driving and improper use of fog lights as the cause of the pile-up.

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