100 UFOs Sighted Hovering over China-India Border

Officials rule out planets or drones as being the source of the phenomena

Indian army troops deployed along the China-India border report over one hundred appearances of UFOs, hovering in the sky in the Indian Ladakh in Jammu, Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh areas.

The sightings span over the last three months, according to the India Times. Reports describe “yellowish spheres” hovering in the sky, appearing to come from the direction of China, and remaining visible for three to five hours, during nighttime.

The Indian Army, air force, NTRO technical intelligence agency and Border Police on the Tibet side have come together to solve the puzzle, but proved unsuccessful to this point.

The objects appeared between August 1 and October 15. ITBP, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force, has described them as “Unidentified Luminous Objects,” in reports to the Prime Minister's Office and the Delhi headquarters, India Today writes.

Officials at the ITBP tried to assess what was causing the celestial phenomena. So far, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), drones or low earth-orbiting satellites have been ruled out as the source of the sightings.

Researchers from the Indian Astronomical Observatory at Hanle studied the objects in September, and concluded that they did not display the characteristics of meteors or planets, dubbing the phenomena “non celestial.”

“Something is clearly wrong, if our combined scientific resources can't explain the phenomena,” one army source says.

Officials are still investigating the “luminous” objects, which they believe could be a threat to border security.

“We can't ignore these sightings. We need to probe what new technology might have been deployed there,” retired Indian Air Force Air Chief Marshal P.V. Naik states.

In recent UFO news, a cylindrical, brightly illuminated flying object was caught on camera entering a volcano in Mexico, in late October. As we reported last week, the volcano in question is Popocatépetl, in Central Mexico.

The object was extremely large, 1,093 yards (1 km long) and 218 yards (200 meters) wide, and the images of it flying into the crater were captured on national TV network Televisa cameras.

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