10% of All Monitors Will Have Touchscreens by the End of 2013

This will happen primarily due to Windows 8 and its ARM variant, Windows RT

We've already seen laptops and monitors integrating touch panels more often than in previous years, and now we can make an idea of the so-called penetration rate.

Many of the LCD displays revealed in the news over the past few months have been touchscreens.

This might have painted a false picture of the market, where most new panels have touch. This is not the case.

While the market share of touch-enabled monitors will definitely rise this year, there won't be a colossal change.

The end of 2012 left the percentage at 3-5%. 2013 is expected to increase that number to 8-10%. This is what at least one report projects at any rate.

Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems will be the main driving forces of this phenomenon, due to their user interface's reliance on touch.

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