10-Year-Old Boy’s Letter to Cat Rescue Shelter Goes Viral

Evan started donating money to an animal shelter when he got his own cat there

A 10-year-old boy from Philadelphia started forwarding his allowance to a cat rescue mission in town, since he adopted his cat from them.

Evan got Macha at City Kitties in 2009, and has been saving money for the organization ever since. He started out by giving a $46.75 (€35) donation and a handwritten letter, posted above.

HuffPost tells us he continued the tradition, by writing another letter last year, and donating $110 (€83). His parents matched his donation, touched by the wonderfully compassionate gesture. His letter from this year is written in cursive, for the first time ever, and can be read here.

Since news about his donations spread on the shelter's Facebook page, Evan's actions struck a chord in several people who decided to help out the organization themselves.

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