10 Tips to Get the Most from Your Nokia Lumia Smartphone

Nokia's Windows Phones can offer great features to their users

Nokia’s Lumia smartphones, those who run under Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, have some great features to deliver to their users, but not all of them are known to all people out there.

Many of those who chose a Nokia Lumia device previously owned an Android or an iOS device, and they might not be completely familiar with what Windows Phone has to offer to them.

In fact, Nokia claims that there could be up to 10 things that users never thought that their Nokia Windows Phone device could do.

Whether owning a Nokia Lumia 900 device on AT&T’s LTE network or a Lumia 710 over at T-Mobile, users will certainly want to know more on how they can get the most out of their smartphones.

Here are some interesting tips on features that were included with these devices, and that are not visible to all people out there right from the start.

For example, you can snap photos with the device without having to unlock it. You’ll simply have to long press the camera button when the phone is locked and the screen is dark to bring up the camera app.

Not to mention that you’ll be able to scan QR codes without installing special software for that. Just hit the search button and click on the icon that looks like an eye. Now, you can scan barcodes and go online to learn more on what you’ve scanned.

Lumia 900 can also provide you with video calling capabilities through Tango or Skype Beta. When the headphones are plugged in, you can also listen to FM radio on your Lumia 900 or Lumia 710.

Through Battery Saver - which will prevent the phone from getting email and will also shut down some other power hungry apps – you will be able to extend the phone’s usage time.

Lumia smartphones also enable you to create groups in the Contacts application, to stay close to friends easier than before, and also offer you the possibility to use voice to create and send text messages or place calls.

You can find new software without launching the Marketplace. Simply swipe right to the apps screen and hit the on-screen search button located to the left and you’ll be directed to the app’s Marketplace page to install it.

Through Local Scout – the button at the bottom that looks like the silhouette of a building that appears when hitting the search button on the homescreen – you can find places around you in no time.

Not to mention that Lumia phones will also save in call history the name of a business you called after searching for it in Maps, so that you can call again without having to remember the actual number.

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