10 Tips for Keeping Your Website Secure This Holiday Season – Infographic

More than 9,000 sites are compromised by cybercriminals each day

Securing a website is no easy task, but for businesses it should be a priority, especially during the holiday season when they could lose a lot of customers if their sites were to be compromised by hackers.

Symantec experts have released an interesting infographic which provides 10 tips to keep a business website safe.

The most important factor in securing a website against cyberattacks is SSL and everything related to it. SSL must be deployed on all pages of the site, but digital certificates must be acquired only from trusted sources.

Visual indicators such as trust marks are a good way to build customer trust, so they’re highly recommended.

Website owners must also regularly scan their sites for malware, monitor the infrastructure for intrusions, ensure that private keys are stored in a secure location, and keep a close eye on traffic for malicious activity.

Physical security is also important. That’s why website owners should ensure that their assets are protected against theft.

On average, cybercriminals take over more than 9,000 websites each day and set them up to serve their malicious purposes. Furthermore, 61% of the sites used in criminal campaigns are actually regular sites that have been compromised.

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