10 Rules for ...Ecological Sex

Save the planet ... through sex!

Do you want to save the planet? Do you want to lead a healthy life in a healthy environment? In this case, you must know that the way you have sex can ruin all these things. The answer: ecological sex!

1. Lights off! If all sex magazines tell you to do this, ecological sex rules recommend you to do quite the opposite. By decreasing the energy bill, you will also 'work' against global warming. Get rid of inhibitions by having sex in the full light of day!

2. Take showers together. This way you will spare a lot of water, and ...if things get hot, 'continue' in bedroom: don't waste the water. Over one billion people worldwide do not have access to drinkable water.

3. Use organic fertilizers. A Durex study found that 22% of the Americans have sex in the garden. But would you roll naked in a grass abundantly splashed with skin irritating toxins (read pesticides and fertilizers)?

The answer: natural fertilizers ... (you know what this mean...).

4. Avoid sex toys! Almost 50 % of the Americans have used a vibrator, but how many know that plastics abounds in Bisphenol A, a chemical causing reproductive disorders in women (uterine damage and cancer) as it imitates estradiol, a female sex hormone?

Phthalates are employed to soften plastics to give them a soft touch, but these too have hormonal activity and damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, and the testes. You better use toys made of glass, metal, silicon, and rubber.

5. Choose quality over anything else. No matter if it's about lingerie or some toy, cheap things last less. Quality items last longer and you will feel the difference compared to the sensations that cheaper products can offer.

6. No condoms! They are not biodegradable, thus throwing them (possibly in the bushes) means they will still be there after one year.

7. Choose natural aphrodisiacs! Don't contribute to making the polluting drug industry even more prosperous, use natural alternatives like celery, carrot, red hot chilly pepper, asparagus, ginseng, black pepper and avocado.

8. Become a vegetarian! Vegetables will help you feel as if you were a teenager again, and you should know that meat industry is one of the main water pollutants.

9. Your sex life can be improved by various genital exercises for both females and males, like Pilates, yoga and various oriental techniques that strengthen the muscles.

10. Keep moving! In the end, physical exercise is the best aphrodisiac. By improving blood circulation, the erectile function improves too. The endorphins released while exercising increase the libido.

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