10-Days-Old Kittens Stuffed in a Plastic Bag Found Abandoned at a Landfill

Two of them died, the other four are in poor health

Only yesterday, a worker at Wellington's Happy Valley landfill stumbled upon six kittens that were stuffed in a plastic bag and “secured” inside an old couch.

By the time the worker came across the kittens and rescued them, two of them had already died. The other four, three females and one male, were entrusted to SPCA members, who found that they were suffering from conjunctivitis.

“If people are finding themselves absolutely with their hands tied, they should be calling the SPCA, not resorting to completely unacceptable methods such as this,” a member of said organization argued.

The SPCA hopes that the 10-days-old kittens who survived will soon make a recovery, and that soon enough they will find loving families, sources say.

There is little hope that the local police will ever be able to find the people who abandoned these kittens.

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