10 Bangladesh Government Websites Defaced by Mauritania Hacker Team

The hacktivists are threatening the Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hacker group

Hacktivists of the Mauritania Hacker Team have breached and defaced a number of 10 websites belonging to various Bangladeshi government organizations and ministries.

According to HackRead, the list of targets includes the Ministry of Social Welfare, the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, and the National Museum of Science and Technology.

Other defaced websites are the ones of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theatre, operated by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s Office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities, and the one of Eastern Tubes Ltd.

On the defaced pages, the hackers have threatened the Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hacker collective.

It appears that Bangladeshi authorities are currently working on restoring the affected websites. Five of them have been taken down, but the other sites still display the hacktivists’ defacement page.

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