1 Million Free McMuffins to Be Given Out in China Starting Next Week

The corporation says it merely wishes to make its customers happy

Starting next Monday, those living in or visiting China will have the unique opportunity of binging down a free McMuffin. This is because the fast food restaurants chain plans on giving away a total of 1 million such treats.

According to its official statements on the matter, McDonald’s merely wishes to make its customers happy and strengthen its bonds with them.

On the other hand, The Inquisitr says that the corporation's decision of giving away these 1 million free McMuffins happens to coincide with the release of a television show whose focus is on revealing the wrongdoings of major corporations such as McDonald’s and which is meant to mark this year's World Consumer Rights Day.

Add to this the fact that McDonald’s has had its fair share of food safety-related problems over the course of 2012 and some might say that the free McMuffins are no more and no less than an attempt to ease the blow of said television show and of World Consumer Rights Day.

Commenting on these accusations, Vivian Zhang, now employed as the senior director of communications at McDonald’s China, argued as follows: “We have been through it once and we know how it feels … [But] there is no connection to World Consumer Rights Day.”

The same source informs us that other people are almost convinced that the McMuffins are part and parcel of a marketing scheme.

Thus, it was only recently when McDonald’s introduced its customers to a yolk-free version of said culinary treat, and it may very well be that the free McMuffins are an attempt to draw in the crowds and trick them into giving its new product a try.

Still, the Managing Director of McDonald’s Taiwan, Lynn Tan, insists that it all comes down to keeping the corporation's customers healthy and pleased.

“Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day. McDonald’s Taiwan knows well the full potential of the breakfast market in Taiwan,” Lynn Tann told members of the press.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that McDonald’s is going to give away 1 million McMuffins, and odds are people will line up to make sure that they get one.

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