1.3GB of Information Leaked by Anonymous Hackers from Italian State Police

The hacktivists claim that they possess a lot of classified data

Hackers part of Anonymous Italy claim to have penetrated the systems of the Italian State Police in an operation they call AntiSecITA. The hacktivists have leaked around 1.3 gigabytes of information, which they have allegedly obtained from the law enforcement agency’s computer networks.

According to their statement, around 3,500 private documents have been leaked from the web portals owned by the police.

Furthermore, they claim that they’ve had access to the compromised servers for weeks.

“For weeks, we loved to browse in your server, in your e-mail address, your portals, documents, records and much more,” reads a translation of their statement provided by Security Affairs.

“The security level of your system, contrary to what we thought, was really poor, and we took the opportunity to take our revenge,” the hackers added.

They claim to be in possession of information regarding interception systems, covert activities, and internal memos, which allegedly expose “dishonest” practices.

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