1,000 Myanmar Websites Hacked by Blink Hacker Group

The attackers are wishing a happy New Year to web developers

A collective calling itself the Blink Hacker Group has breached and defaced a number of 1,000 websites apparently belonging to organizations from Myanmar (Burma).

There doesn’t appear to be any specific reason for which the sites have been defaced. The only message that the hackers left on the defaced websites is “Happy New Year to all Myanmar web developers.”

The defacement page has been removed from the affected websites, but some of them are blocked by antivirus solutions because they apparently try to push a Trojan.

It’s uncertain if the Blink Hacker Group has set them up to serve malware or if other malicious entity has taken the opportunity to distribute Trojans. In any case, visitors of these sites might have infected their computers if their security solutions weren’t up and running.

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