1,000 Lambs Slaughtered to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Albanian Independence

The government's decision to kill these animals is considered a “grotesque embarrassment”

November 28 marks the 100th anniversary of Albanian Independence, and the country's government has decided that having 1,000 lambs slaughtered might just do the trick when it comes to showing how much this country and its citizens value their recently found freedom.

Sources say that, as far as the opposition is concerned, the killing of these animals is no more and no less than a “grotesque embarrassment.”

Other animal rights activists argue that celebrating a country's independence and butchering countless innocent animals do not really see eye to eye. Moreover, some have gone as far as to argue that this slaughter takes the “hooray” out of the other festivities.

“Very cruel: a massacre to honor the anniversary? Save lambs and rams, they have nothing to do with the anniversary!,” Care2 says.

The slaughter was ordered by Albania's Prime Minister, Sali Berisha.

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