'How To Text A Girl' iPhone App Released

Offers reliable text message examples written by experienced folks

Spendthrift Studios is a young company that produces software of various types. The team is currently focusing on the iPhone with an app called 'How To Text A Girl.' As its name implies, the program aids guys when they have no inspiration (as in always).

“Before you send a text message to that girl, think twice,” says developer Charles Stigler. “Take a peek at what girls really want to hear from you. How to Text a Girl gives you the best guidance you could ever ask for. This app features the best, and most reliable text message examples written by very experienced girls and guys of all ages,” the developer promises. “Did you just meet her at a party?” the app's description continues. “Are you keeping in touch with an old friend, or looking for a new girlfriend? How to Text a Girl can bring a major boost into your social life. Finally, here’s a way to avoid those awkward text message exchanges with girls!”

How to Text a Girl packs dozens of message templates, listed by categories. Those include Flirting, Making Plans, Ice Breakers/Approach, and Ditching Plans. A few examples can be seen in the screenshots below, as well as the app's header and other user interface (UI) elements. Spendthrift Studios promises to update the app soon with more text message categories and examples.

Review image
Review image
Review image

Charles is right and we should admit it – some of us are morons when it comes to doing a proper approach. Of course, not all chicks are impressed by the moon-light theme. Plus, you never know when it's cloudy in her area. However, “what was the worst purchase you've ever made?” will undoubtedly strike a (shopping) chord in that girl's heart. Who knows, maybe this app is your ticket to finding the right one. For a buck, we'd say it's more than a fair trade.

Download How to Text a Girl via iTunes App Store ($0.99)

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